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EP 14

Why we love iPads 📱

May 28, 202048m 23s

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Brittik has been using an iPad from 8 years! And Aravind started using one after he saw Brittik with it. But why? Listen to Brittik and Aravind talk about iPads and the future of computing they wish.


Aravind Balla

Brittik Basu

Learning Curve Podcast


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Welcome to the learning curve Podcast, where brittik and Aravind share with you everything that they've learned so far about technology startups and remote life.

Hi, and welcome to the 14th episode of the learning curve podcast. Today we are going to talk about why we love iPad. I've been using iPads for the last eight years now I started when the first iPad Mini launched, and I was a student back then. So it was the cheapest iPad that I could get my hands on, and I got it. So everything changed after it like not in a drastic way. But I got access to the iOS ecosystem and all the apps that come with it. Normally Android still doesn't have very good apps if you want to make music or if you want to draw and stuff. I think there are drawings apps, but nothing compares to procreate on the iPad. And I don't think Android has an equivalent app for that. And also GarageBand for iPad for making music. There aren't any other apps on Android which do it so well. So if you're someone creative, like me, then iPad is something that really helps. Or when What about you? How has your experience with iPad been and how long has it been that you've been using it?

I think it's been two years since I bought an iPad and was using it two or maybe one full year.

It's been a long time.

Yeah, one full year.

I mean, it still feels so new, right?


I love the display. And I mean, I'm using iPad I never knew I would use an iPad until I bought one. So I bought an iPad after seeing you using it. So I thought It would be helpful for me as well. So that made me buy an iPad. And I'm actually using it a lot.

So what do you use it for mostly? And how long do you use it in a day compared to your other devices?

Not so long because I'm mostly on my MacBook because I'm either working or building some stuff. Other than that, when I am reading in the morning or browsing Twitter, all these things happen on the iPad, and then I draw a lot of things on iPad using the app that you mentioned procreate. So I've been drawing covers for our episodes as well. So all that is happening on the iPad. And also when I'm working, I tend to take a lot of notes. And those notes are on the iPad because iPad does a good job of making them searchable. Not iPad actually the app that I use in life It's called notability. So that searches your handwritten notes as well. So I mostly use these two apps on the iPad. And I'm, like, whenever I want to dump things out of my mind, I, like write down stuff in the iPad. So I'm using it pretty good

What about the default Notes app?

the default Notes app. No, not so much. But Quick, quick notes. I think I use the default Notes app because it syncs with your MacBook

Another reason is that you can instantly touch your pencil on the iPad, and it's the default note that that opens up. So for, you know, capturing quick thoughts without having to open an app. I think that's the best way.

There's only we actually that's the support that you get with iPad. You cannot change that to any other Yeah,

guys. iPads are not customized. As much as Android, but what they give no one else can provide at the moment. So yes, that's why we use iPads.

iPads are actually in, like a weird ecosystem where it's not a complete mobile thing. I mean, it is bigger than your mobile, but smaller than your laptop and iPad, despite being this iPad tends to fit well in our workflows, right?

Yeah, damn, well actually, I also use it as an external screen. So I mean, that's great. So even when I'm on my MacBook, and I need another screen, I use it. And yeah, they're so versatile. Like you can't even think of you know, like this can be possible. Before the we used to do this using duet app. Now, iPad has inbuilt screen sharing. I think that's what he called it. So

sidecar or something they named it sidecar?

Yeah, it sidecar. Yeah.

Yeah. I tend to use it as well, I have a spot. If I open my terminal open, or a browsers, the console window is open in that,

I kind of use it in a hybrid way. Like you use Spotify on your desktop, I'm assuming which is on it, which is mirrored on the iPad or screen shared on it. Yeah. Whereas I use the screen, normal screen, but I swipe right to open the music app and just close it back in whenever I need. And it's the iOS Apple Music app. So you can try that then you don't have to all your desktop apps are on the iPad screen. Whereas if you need Spotify, you can use the inbuilt iOS itself, which can just glide on

the actual screen.

The good thing was Spotify is that if I Imagine I'm listening on my MacBook. And if I open the app on the iPad and pause it there it will pause on my MacBook.

Wow, that's cool.

So with the same user you can do that in the on the phone as well. I mean, I can change tracks, select new track, play, pause, do all this stuff wherever wherever it is playing, I can control it from any other device. Can you survive only with iPad

I can't I can't at all survive with just the iPad because I need my Mac for coding and stuff. I pad I cannot code on my ipad. So that's a big con. If say if it was possible to use or do like at least web development on iPad, I would have bought the bigger one. And like the 12 inch one and I don't think I would need an a MacBook then because you can just plug in a keyboard and If you can do web development on at least you don't need another device, but right now we can't. I pad is still in between, like you said being mobile phone and being a laptop somewhere in between. So it's still not possible to use it for coding at the moment.

Yeah, same for me I use. I mean, my daily job is programming. So I cannot do that on an iPad yet. And even if we can do the screen real estate is very small, as you mentioned, so it will be a pain to only leave out of iPad. What I say is it's a good device. It's a good holiday device. You could have some tasks, the basic emergency tasks done with the iPad, suppose you're going on a holiday, you don't want to carry your MacBook with you but you have your iPad and then when you connect to the keyboard, you can use some thing like code sandbox or any web UI to finish some small things when you're on a holiday or when you don't want to, like open your Mac Book and change,

change things.

For me, I think it is more than a holiday device. I cannot survive without my iPad. When it comes to music making. I just have Logic Pro on the MacBook, but iPad, I can use all the touch instruments out there. I can play a key piano or keyboard on the iPad, I can play a guitar electric guitar on an iPad. And there's so much you can do with that instruments on the iPad, which is not possible on logic. It's not hands on right laptops are it's good for doing keyboard stuff, but not good for playing instruments. And there is also this cool app called music memos on iPad, where I just sing while playing my guitar. ukulele and it adds drum and bass line to it. So that's super cool, because now I can just record a song and hear it like a band was practicing with me. These are superpowers only iPad can provide. So for me it is very, very important to have an iPad. I remember I think a year back, I gave my iPad to my brother because he needed it at that point. And I felt so helpless without iOS. It really sucks big time because once I'm used to using iOS and then I switch to Android, it's really not something I'm used to. Also it doesn't allow me to do music. So that's why I bought a new iPad. And really, I can't survive without an iPad. Also, I think I think I hope for a better future for it. I think the next iPad we buy in like three to four years or five years down the line, I think Aravind will definitely get a bigger one where we can do all the coding, we can do everything on it. Especially web development,

they are improving the operating system with the new iPad OS and they are taking steps to like, make it replace your computer. The keyboard and mouse support that we recently got is amazing. You know, you can open a browser and use all the keyboard shortcuts that you can, you can use the keyboard fulfill actually and even the command tab works you can change between apps on the iPad, and Spotlight Search also works command space and it will show you the homescreen search bar. They're doing a they've been doing a really great job and also the mouse if you connect any Bluetooth mouse Not just Apple mouse, you can connect any Bluetooth mouse and have that new cursor that comes up white dot

it's quite a cool cursor that you know when you hover and like go to a menu or something, it highlights the menu rather than putting the cursor on it or the mouse pointer on it. So that's that's really amazing because till now no one had reinvented or thought of how the mouse works over a menu in a different way, which Apple has done beautifully, I would say because now the mouse pointer does not obstruct the menu. It's not hiding what is written there. You can just see it and you know when you're on it, so it's it's beautiful.

Yeah, these things that Apple is doing the future looks promising. They are marketing it as a replacement for your computer. I mean, it might not like help complete programmer, but a lot of there are a lot of professions which it can replace. Like, if you are a content writer or hobbyists or a designer, you could definitely use just iPad and finish all your work.

And I think even if iPad does not evolve as rapidly, it will definitely evolve rapidly. But even if worst case scenario, it stops that we can still use get GitHub code spaces in the future on an iPad. And I think it's it'll be easy to just go out there and not worry. Because what I see now is the world is moving towards cloud in a big way. It's been happening for a while, but now it's been happening so well that we won't be needing faster devices anymore. A lot of stuff will happen on the cloud.

Now the future is cloud because you see a lot of innovation happening in that happening in that space. Actually, if you see code sandbox, you can run your full, like VS code application on the cloud. It's at code sandbox.io. Something code sandbox comm I think. So you can run all your VS code all your VS code plugins, work your terminal terminals. Also, you can open ports, and when you run NPM, run start. It will open a new port, and you can browse that. All these things are happening on the web now. And also GitHub has their new code spaces thingy, which is like a, quote, code sandboxing. But from GitHub, where you can edit your code, run your code in a terminal or not So this thing is like,

yeah, and in short, it is VS code for the browser.

Yeah. VS code for the browser. And the good part is that when it is in the browser, you can open it from any device. Not likely on a mobile, but I bet Yes.

No, why not mobile? I think even on a mobile, you can open it if they support. If they support the deck, you can request for a desktop version, even on the phone.

Yeah, you could, but you would not want to. I mean, I would not want to work from my mobile.

I think it would be interesting to work like that. If for an emergency, like for a holiday device, you're saying

it should be possible, but I wouldn't want to do it. Yeah.

There are devices like Samsung decks or decks, I don't think so. It's basically dex, right? So it's using your phone and powering up desktops. So if you can do that, You don't need a powerful processor or a lot of RAM to run out of codespaces. So yeah, I think in the future it will be an exciting future to just have one phone and use it for everything.

That is like dreamy Yeah. You just have one phone and when you go to your office you plug that phone in or corner come back home.

Yeah, but there are already concepts like that like the Samsung dex and even another phone I forgot. But there was this company which which was a modular, which made a modular phone so every part is replaceable. If you want a better camera, it was quite interesting quite clunky and boxy design. But very How would you say future proof device to so it's very interesting I yeah, I don't know who made it do remember when

which company was the name but yeah. It's very interesting, you could stamp out the parts you need like camera module or processor module, Speaker module screen module. All this is very customizable. I cannot recall the name blocks phone, I think,

maybe blocks

or a block for

Toshiba. Someone was behind it, some big company was behind it. But right now, I think no one wants to do that. Because if these big companies do that, and people even upgrade the phone more slowly, then yeah, they won't be able to make a lot of money. So I think that they stop that concept. Also, they would need a big ecosystem of players to, to commit to it and create parts for which complies with that architecture of the device. So I think that's another challenge. How Do you use your

iPad? What is your workflow? Like? I mean, you said you use it for musical but on a daily, day to day basis what how much time do you spend with our iPads?

It depends. Sometimes I even spend nine to 10 hours or more depending if I'm doing music or not. If I'm not doing music, then it's just for the screen. What was that screen sharing thing? sidecar sidecar the sidecar thing. sidecar is a weird name. It makes me think of a car. Maybe that's the point. It's a sidekick to the Mac. But yeah. So mostly it's for songwriting and composing songs, composing tunes. So I'll tell you my process for making music on the iPad. It starts with me playing some tunes on my ukulele and then right writing and recording at a bit whenever I find inspiration. And after that I recorded in music memos, the live version that I exported to GarageBand. And then I play around with the arrangement, I add some loops there. And here that's it. That's how I make music on the iPad. I use this app called blocks wave where you can purchase a lot of loops, professionally made sound loops, which I sometimes add to my songs. Apart from it, I if I want a better sounding guitar or an electric guitar, which I don't have, then I can play it on GarageBand itself. So yeah, that's how I use my app, mainly for making music.

Do you play all the devices that are on GarageBand?

No, not all the instruments. I mainly play The keyboard. And I just for fun, I don't use it in any songs, but I sometimes play these Japanese instruments and Chinese instruments that are on there. They have a very beautiful look and interesting sound. So I do that. But these days, I've started using the iPad for even normal things that I would do on my phone. I'm just using my phone to get internet and call people and talk to them. That's it and not do anything else on my phone. So there is WhatsApp there because WhatsApp on iPad doesn't have good support. But apart from it, I'm doing everything else that I would normally do on the phone on an on my iPad. And yeah, so normal things like browsing and stuff. Those are the things I do but yeah, those are not very important things. So,

are you recording this podcast on iPad?

Yes, yes, I'm recording this on my iPad using the voice memo app. So basically, if you see everything that I would I could have done on a phone I'm doing on my iPad, and it has a lot of storage 120 gb so 128 or 256? I think 256 right. Yeah, it's crazy. Never get over. So on a Mac 256 feels very less. We could use double of that. But on an iPad. It's like 256 is great. Amazing. So yeah, so everything is recorded there. I don't even worry about deleting stuff. Because Yeah, space is quite a lot.

And also you have iCloud backups.

Yeah, I have iCloud, everything gets backed up. I have two TB iPad, iCloud storage. So that makes sure that everything is backed up on all the Most important things are back backed up on the iCloud tray. I'm not sure to not to TP I think 200 gb, maybe 200 Gp that's what I have. Also, I think, yeah, I think the it has I become more productive using the iPad than my phone. Since I've eliminated almost all apps where I can keep in touch with the world except for Twitter. I don't waste a lot of time on my phone. Now it's mostly using nice things on the iPad. See reading a nice article. Oh, and I'm a big fan of the iPad reader mode. You have this reader mode where it gets rid of all the advertisements and everything else, and you just see the text. So I really love that on the iPad. And I don't know why chrome doesn't do it. Actually. I know they don't. They want to Well to see that, because that's Google's business. But yeah, since I like that Apple is somewhat the opposite of Google. When it comes to ads, Apple makes its money from IT services these days as well as its devices. So, you know, it's not someone who wants to show you anything for to make money. So I really like that. And with with an iPad, you can do that. on Google, I can't really do that on like an Android. I can't do that. But I think Firefox supports has a reader mode on Android does it Aravind?

I think Yeah.

But again, it can't compare to what Apple is doing. And the I mean, Apple is the king of typography. And you're UI beauty. So yeah,

the minimalist UI. Yeah, reading on it. Paired is like very good. It is very pleasing to the eyes. Did you know that the iPads have 120 hertz refresh rate for the screens?

Yes, yes I know that and it helps a lot while playing pub g i, whenever I play a lot of object deleted but recently my brother wanted to play with me so I installed it and wow the graphics are so good on an iPad. It's way better than a phone because you can see so much on it and you can also kill enemies easily because yeah, a lot to see. So are when you purchased a very expensive iPad with the pencil and everything. Do you feel it is worth it?

Yeah, the value to the money you pay is very high. It is a costly iPad, but when you compare it with a phone of the same range, the phone is very small and you could do a lot of things with the iPad when you compare it with a phone or an iPad and the pencil is the like. It is Very beautiful when you draw, you can angle your strokes it is it responds to your pressure and the direction or tilt that you give it to the pencil. And it's very beautiful when you draw. And the things that I do with the iPad is set, as

I remember you telling me yesterday that you mainly got the iPad so that you could digitize your notes?

Yeah, that was the main thing. And now Yes, whenever I search it in the notability app, it gives all the occurrences of a particular word in my handwriting, which is like very futuristic to do. Yeah, I mean, it is a costly affair. Because all these apps are not free again, you have to buy an iPad with a lot of money. And then if you want good apps you might have to pay because all good apps are not free.

Yeah, but I also disagree with that idea that it is costly. Because now say You purchase an app called Luma fusion for editing and stuff, right? So today if I wanted to use it since we are in the same family in the apple thing, so I can use all the apps purchased by you, and you can use all the apps purchased by me. So, one purchase, and it's like five people can use it.

Yeah, five people are in the same family.

So from music to everything, it's I think I pay something like 120 or 201 180 bucks a month. But with that five people can use Apple Music for a month. So it's so cool.

So with all this family sharing stuff, I think Apple has nailed it before any app or service could do. Apple was the first in the game to, I think, launch a family plan and have like, share the app ecosystem and then the cloud space and all because now Google has started Something called Google one which you can use to, like, share the space across the family and a few Google services across the family. And then Spotify has also done it. It also has a family plan, but I think it's not yet available in India. But Apple has actually done a very good job with the family and the sharing stuff.

Definitely, they've done a great job. And I think these little things make apple a lot affordable than anything else. Also, in a lot of areas, I think Apple has zero competition, like say, with music apps and create apps for creatives. No one really starts making a creative app for Android or the web or any other platform. Everyone starts with Apple because it's so easy to do that. A lot of things Apple has has done Care of care for, you know, a lot of things Apple has taken care of for the developers. So I remember sketch right now, I think figma rules, of course. But when sketch was the king, they publicly said, We are never going to make a Windows app. Because a lot of things that we do Apple makes it easy for us. So, you know, sorry, case. So I think that that's why the care that Apple puts, and the focus that it puts for creative app developers, enriches the apple ecosystem for creative apps and draws creative people like me to Apple because there is no other choice.

Also, there is no competition for the iPad form factor. No, no other device does this justice to the tablet ecosystem. I bet iPad is the king and the tablet space right?

Yeah, definitely iPad is the King. And I would say it's valuable money because it really lasts. It's iPad or Apple devices are like the Nokia phones of yesteryears, because my iPad Mini from 2012 still works. And it has no problems. It works well it slow down because I think it's all everything is old inside it. But still, it's great for as a photo frame, you could just slide photos on it and, you know, create an album and just use it like that. Also, it's great as a Kindle alternative, I just use it to read books. It's very small. It's an iPad Mini. So yeah, you can keep using an iPad for years and years. I think. If you buy an iPad, just think five years you will be able to use it without a problem and Yeah, get more space as much space as you can get, but not more than 256 gb because I've seen that you don't need more than that. So I think it's a good amount of space. And my iPad Mini was 16 gb mind you so it was very less. And that prompted me to buy the iCloud Drive storage when it came out. Because 16 gb it's it's crazy to have such less space.

Yeah, you can use an iPad for that long, because Apple is very good with the software updates. And it doesn't restrict those updates to the newer devices. It even gives the iOS 13 to older iPhones, right. And the good part is that with this new operating systems, the hardware requirements are also not so big because it's very optimized for the device that it has. So it's actually good that I mean, if you're buying And I bet you can aim aim for like four or five years.

Yeah, and absolutely. I'll tell you I started using the iPad Mini from iOS five. And I got updates till iOS 10, which is awesome. Like so many operating system versions. I started with the skeuomorphic design, I think that's what you call it for from where I started with the skeuomorphic design where things looked very real. Remember the Instagram icon where they actually had a real camera like logo and that was skeuomorphic. And then Johnny, I've came up with a flat design and blurs and everything so even that I got on my iPad Mini. So you can just not worry about the software, software update and keep using your iPad. For a long time

these are the reasons that we love the iPad for and it's actually very helpful for our workflows. Please let us know if you are planning to buy an iPad or if you have picked up something useful point from the episode and which can fit in your workflow so well that an iPad can nail it. Please let us know on the Twitter.

Okay, I know we have finished speaking about everything we want to talk about. But what do you think about the iPhone Max?

No, I'm not into big phones.

At the point I was thinking how how it compares to the iPad Mini that I had. So I think if they get bigger, even more bigger then I might is it that big? No, it is not. It is not that big. No, no. If it was I think I would choose you know iPad which is Kind of like the iPad mini size because I think I really need I love that form factor better than this somehow. I've always felt that after the iPad Mini, whichever iPad I used is somewhat bigger and bulkier and not so portable. But somehow the iPad Mini just nails nails the form factor thing. So yeah and even with phones I think iPhone SE is the perfect form factor for a phone. You don't need a bigger phone than that and it's just perfect.

Yeah, so I think the phone should be like small because I if you use it for longer you hand shouldn't ache.

or you should not have phones at all You should have


iPad should be completely mobile. You should be able to insert a SIM card any SIM card and use it like an iPhone. But the problem with that is Then you can't use you can use something from Apple. What was that? You can't use the Apple Watch with an iPad, which is weird. So app. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Yeah. You can't use an apple watch with an iPad. You will need An iPhone. So people who want an Apple Watch will have to buy an iPhone. It's not the same case with air pods though. You can. Anything your iPhone

or a laptop or an iPad. Yeah. Yeah, but they should allow

the Apple Watch to work with an iPad because it's similar. But I think they need something which has a mobile mobile data connection. But I bet can have that the cellular ones but still. Yeah, this is something that Apple wants you to buy iPhones. Also Apple wants you to buy everything. So

yeah, the weird things that Apple does to market. Don't buy a laptop charger. It doesn't sell you the cable. You have to buy it separately. It's stupid.

And it's sometimes sells a \$700 wheels.

Apple needs to improve. Yeah, but that is just to show that they are. Yeah, they are like a premium brand, which makes very nice wheels is it's a stupid thing to do. But yeah, with smart intentions. Okay guys, it was fun talking to you about why we love iPads. And if you're also an iPad fan or looking to buy a new iPad. Yeah, just let us know and if you have any questions we are happy to answer. Have a great day or night and yeah, signing off. This is brittik

and, and this is Aravind.Bye


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The world is moving towards cloud in a big way

It will be an exciting future to just have one phone and use it for everything.

On a Mac 256 feels very less, but on an iPad it's a lot.

I got the ipad to digitize my notes.

There's no competition for the iPad form factor. No other device does justice to the tablet ecosystem.

My iPad Mini from 2012 still works. iPads are like the Nokia phones of yesteryears.

if you're buying an iPad, you can be sure that it'll last for 5 years.

Phones should be small so that you can use them for longer without hand ache.

You can't use an apple watch with an iPad. You will need An iPhone. People who want an Apple Watch will have to buy an iPhone.