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🎙 An informal conversation between UX Thinker and a JS Dev.


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EP 15

Organizing 2nd Brains 🧠

June 25, 2020

We discuss our processes, apps we use and tell techniques to help you organise your second brain.

EP 14

Why we love iPads 📱

May 28, 2020

Brittik has been using an iPad from 8 years! And Aravind started using one after he saw Brittik with it. But why? Listen to Brittik and Aravind talk about iPads and the future of computing they wish.

EP 13

Why you need a second brain? 🧠

May 16, 2020

Did you know that you could have a second brain? Listen to Brittik and Aravind as they talk about their second brains, how they built it and how it has helped them. They also talk about lots of ideas around second brains. 

EP 12

Beginning Javascript 🧗‍♀️

April 27, 2020

How did you get started with Javascript? This is the question Brittik and Aravind answer in this episode along with fun stories and few resources for getting started with JS. Resources Codecademy Tree house Hosts Aravind Balla Brittik Basu Learning Curve Podcast

EP 11

Facing Your Fears 😨

April 09, 2020

We challenged ourselves to face our fears and anxieties. We share with you how the challenge went and how you too can successfully face your fears and anxieties one step at a time. Hosts Aravind Balla Brittik Basu Learning Curve Podcast

EP 10

Practical Remote Working Tips 👨🏾‍💻🏡👩🏾‍💻

March 25, 2020

Having worked remote for a long time, Aravind and Brittik share their best and most practical advice to help you be productive while working from home. Hosts Aravind Balla Brittik Basu Learning Curve Podcast

EP 9

Corona virus - everything we know 🦠

March 14, 2020

We discuss the precautions, facts we know and some myths that are going around in this pandemic. Please stay safe. Resources Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu What Is Coronavirus? Will warming spring temperatures slow the coronavirus outbreak? Coronavirus at a Glance: Infographic Here's what coronavirus does to the body Coronavirus at a Glance: Infographic Hosts Aravind Balla Brittik Basu Learning Curve Podcast

EP 8

Making a portfolio doesn’t have to be difficult 💼

March 02, 2020

Do you think it's difficult? Not at all. We talk about how to make one, what to include and many more things.  Resources  Dribbble & Behance Webflow Gatsby Netlify Wordpress Hosts Aravind Balla Brittik Basu Learning Curve Podcast

EP 7

Tools we use 🛠

February 10, 2020

Tools make our lives easier. We share with you our favourite tools that are loved by today’s developers and designers. Resources The tools we talk about - Lulu Firewall Notion Streaks Zoho Notebook Self Control Alfred and its powerpack Cloudinary Netlify Anchor Logic Pro X (or Garage Band) Hosts Aravind Balla Brittik Basu Learning Curve

EP 6

Wordpress vs. Static site Generators 📑

January 28, 2020

Do you prefer Wordpress over static site generators like Gatsby? Or is it the other way round? Listen and find out what Brittik and Aravind prefer and why? They talk about what to use when. Resourses https://wordpress.com/ https://www.gatsbyjs.org/ https://blocks-ui.com/ https://twitter.com/learningcurvpod https://twitter.com/brittikbasu https://twitter.com/aravindballa

EP 5

Things we learnt doing client work ☕️

January 21, 2020

Brittik and Aravind have done quite some client work. While Aravind is on a full time job, Brittik is full time into client work. Listen to them as they share experiences and learnings which came along the way. Brittik's Twitter Aravind's Twitter Learning Curve Home Learning Curve's Twitter

EP 4

Tailwind ~ A utility-first CSS framework

January 13, 2020

This is about our love for Tailwind CSS. We list down 10 things we love about it, and why it will be useful for you too. Resources https://tailwindcss.com Source for Learning Curve website Death in Custody Website  https://learningcurve.dev  https://twitter.com/learningcurvpod  Hosts  Aravind Balla Brittik Basu

EP 1

How to get a job 💼

December 09, 2019

Join the conversation of Brittik and Aravind as they share how they got their jobs. Brittik dropped out of college before he got his first job and Aravind has a remote job now.